søndag 4. april 2010


This little chick from Easter Land
A greeting brings to you.
I`ll tell you all about his home,
His friends and what they do.
Now down in sunny Easter Land
Strange sights indeed you see,
For little fairy folk live there
All busy as can be.

The funny gnomes and tiny
Just hurry to and Fro,
And, work hard as they always do
To help the flowers grow. 
The flowers themselves seem
wondrous fair
A nodding in the sun,
And well they may,
for carefully
A fairy tends each

Gay houses,each a candy egg,
In Easter land you find,
All pink or yellow,blue or green,
To suit each elfin mind.
The very streets are pretty, too,
As ever could be found,
For they are paved with
little candies,
Hard and smooth
and round.

And Easter bunnies there? of course
That couldn`t help be true,
And best of all, these little
Easter chickens live there, too.
The chicks all help to carry
Easter greetings on their way,
So this one now is wishing
A happy Easter Day.

kilde:B.Shackman and co.
Bilde tatt på Leketøymuseet i Munchen.

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